Smartwool NTS Micro 150 Tee

GEAR REVIEW – The Smartwool NTS Micro 150 Tee doubles as the best base layer and night on the town tee

Go to your closet, collect all of your t-shirts into a pile and TOSS THEM.  After buying this tee, of course.  Smartwool may have developed the most epic wardrobe staple for outdoor enthusiast and fashionista alike.  This shirt served as both a baselayer for my grueling push up the Eiger’s demanding North Face and paired with skinny jeans decorated with over-the-knee boots for a night on the town.  I may or may not have washed the shirt in between ;)  You would never know, because it just won’t hold the stink!

Trekking along the Mer de Glace after a ski descent of a Vallee Blanche alternate.

Trekking along the Mer de Glace after a ski descent of the Vallee Blanche.

Sightseeing in Rome with mum

Sightseeing in Rome with mum.  Fashionista meets dirtbag comfort.

Priced at a bit of a hard-to-swallow $70, the Smartwool NTS Micro 150 Tee is an investment no doubt; however, it seems to endure quite the beating and delivers its worth within a couple of months of non-stop wear.

Climbing the mega multi-pitch, Zanzara, in sunny Arco

Climbing the mega multi-pitch, Zanzara, in sunny Arco

The Fit

It’s fitted while not compression style tight, with capped sleeves that neither suffocate your biceps nor flap in the wind.  The length hits right at my hips.  In my opinion, I should probably be a size medium, so I can comfortably say that this runs a little big.


Wash it before wearing it.  It is 100% merino wool, and while I am so incredibly itchy wearing that hand me down wool sweater from mumsie, I don’t itch a stitch in this shirt.  It appears a bit stiff out of the box, hence the wash immediately advise, but thereafter its soft as butta on my skin.


Go ahead and sweat, you’re going to have to try extra hard for any one to believe your actually working for that redpoint or alpine send, because this shirt doesn’t show the mark of work.  It wicks like a champ and regulates temperatures as well.  In this shirt you will never be too hot or too cold.

Bottom Line –  Scrounge up some cash and invest in this shirt.  Wear it everyday for a year and it only cost you $0.19 per day!  

Smartwool NTS Micro 150 Tee


  • wicks like a champ
  • great temperature regulation, never too hot or too cold
  • next to skin comfort, not itchy


  • more colors!!!!
  • pricey


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