Meet our Sponsors

As an athlete, essential gear, clothing and nutrition are essential in our pursuits.  The support from these companies makes our adventures in the beautiful outdoors that much more of a possibility.


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GoMacro is a small, family-owned company founded on big ideas; to promote a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.I have been blessed to be a part of the GoMacro family since 2013.  Amongst GoMacro's five company principles, as an outdoor enthusiast, I most respect their give it back and tread light culture.  Oh, and the bars actually taste delicious.  Whether I unwrap one at 14,000 feet on the sheer wall of a mountain or in the comforts of my kitchen, they satisfy my hunger and provide my body the necessary fuel to both conquer my athletic endeavors and recover from them.[#HealthyFuel]


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WoolX is a small company, dedicated to the outdoors.  The people behind WoolX live, work and play in upstate New York, where brutal winters are par for the course.  Their company attitude is that “there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear”.  They don’t think difficult conditions should prevent people from enjoying the great outdoors.  Amen!WoolX places an emphasis on comfortable, functional clothing that also maintains style.  Read, you can rally at the pub for some aprés ski in their garb and actually look fashionable.  They practice what they preach and wear their clothing in their own outdoor pursuits; designed to be top-of-the-line in both function and comfort, for weekend warriors and professional extreme athletes alike.[#WoolxInAction]