2014 Holiday Gift Guide for the Adventurer

GIFT GUIDE 2014 – Your one stop wish list for every climber, cyclist, kayaker, and all around adventurer.

The holidays are a tough time for everyone.  How strong to make the eggnog?  What is the largest cam that can be used as an ornament on my tree without breaking its branch?  How do I break it to my family that I will be in Indian Creek over my Christmas break and therefor unable to make it to Christmas dinner?

If the above three conundrums sound like crazy talk, then you probably need to know what on earth to buy that favorite climber,www.replicahause.cz cyclist, kayaker, and all around adventurer in your life.  Have no fear, for this, we have answers that suit any budget!

GoMacro Macrobars


GoMacro Macrobars stands for sustainability, wholesomeness, macrobiotics and giving back, not to mention they are vegan and gluten free AND taste sinfully amazing.  They aren’t your run of the mill nutrition bar and they know it.  GoMacro is a family owned company that has humble beginnings on a 120 acre farm in Wisconsin, where production began and the company is still run today.

-> BUY: GoMacro Macrobars (Save 20% with discount code ‘THRILL20’)

Pat’s Backcountry Beverages


Pat’s Backcountry Beverages brings your favorite carbonated beverage, soda OR beer,replicahause into the backcountry without the weight of lugging a 6-pack.  What’s even better, is its a craft beer that actually tastes great!  Any weight conscious adventurer will appreciate the ability to create a craft beer or gingerale on their next outdoor adventure.

-> BUY: Pat’s Backcountry Beverages Starter Kit and Pat’s Backcountry Beverages Craft Beers

MSR Reactor Stove System

MSR Reactor StoveThe MSR Reactor is the magician of stove systems.  Below altitude it boils 1.5L of water in less than 3 minutes, making it the fastest stove on the market, which also happens to be the most fuel efficient too!  It is self contained, meaning the fuel AND stove fit neatly into the pot.

-> BUY: MSR Reactor Stove System

Patagonia R1® Fleece Hoody

r1-hoodyHands down, Patagonia’s R1 Fleece Hoody is the PERFECT midlayer.  I don’t care if you are scaling the north face of the Eiger or tossing powder in-bounds, every adventurer should own at least one of these.  The fabric allows for wear in fluxuating temperatures while still remaining comfortable, not too hot and not too cold, always just right.

-> BUY: Women’s R1 Fleece Hoody or Men’s R1 Fleece Hoody

Suunto Ambit3 Sport GPS Watch


Every endurance athlete NEEDS a GPS watch to push their endurance training to the next level; whether it be trail or road running, cycling, swimming or all of them combined.  The Suunto Ambit series has been a long time training partner of mine and has helped push me to many podiums.  The Suunto Ambit 3’s key features include pace, speed and distance, GPS navigation with breadcrumb features, a multiple sport mode with single log tracking(hello triathlons) and wireless connectivity to your iAnything or Bluetooth Smart equipped device.

BUY: -> Suunto Ambit3 Sport GPS Watch

CiloGear 45L Worksack

cilo gear 45L worksack

The BEST ALPINE CLIMBING PACK.  I have suffered through an embarrassing slew of commercial brand rucksacks on my multi-day ascents up various technical peaks.  It was not until I was introduced to the Cilogear 45L WorkSack, that I donated all of my other rucksacks, making this my go-to alpine backpack.  The Cilogear 45L WorkSack is the lightest pack available for serious alpine climbers. It’s durable, ridiculously versatile and comfortable carrying the heavy load required for serious alpine pursuits.  It weighs in at a mere 790g (1.6lbs) stripped and 1800g (3.9lbs) fully accessorized and can be custom tailored to a women’s specific waistbelt.  Bonus, it’s handmade by the Cilogear ninjas in Portland, Oregon.

BUY: -> CiloGear 45L Worksack

Feathered Friends 0° Sleeping Bags, Murre EX 0 & Snowbunting EX 0


Weighing in at under three pounds, Feathered Friends has manufactured an 850+ goose down fill sleeping bag that can man-handle multiple days in exposed winter conditions like a champ.  It’s waterproof-breathable Pertex Shield EX shell material keeps the winter out, in combination with its gargantuan draft tube and baffled collar preventing breath condensation from drenching your precious down.  The bag’s mummy fit is tailored down to toss out the unnecessary dead fabric areas, providing for a warmer fit without being too restricting.  The women’s specific version, the Murre EX 0, caters to the downfall of women sleeping colder than men having added extra insulation to the chest and footbox.

BUY: -> Women’s Feathered Friends Murre EX 0 or Men’s Feathered Friends Snowbunting EX 0 

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Raised in the ocean lined landscape of Southern California, Ilana now calls the rocky mountains of Colorado home. Ilana is a mother to an adventurous daughter, an accomplished rock and ice climber, skier, snowboarder, mountain distance runner, avid adventurer, and a Registered Trauma Nurse. A recent, near fatal accident in May, 2018, has left Ilana with a new disability; bringing her biggest life challenge to head, adapting to continue her pursuit of long, hard days in the mountains and share it with the generations to come. Ilana is the founder of Thrillseekers Anonymous, a seasoned event speaker, and has been featured in various media outlets including the February 2015 issue of ‘Climbing’ magazine, December 2013 issue of ‘Rock and Ice’ magazine, December/January 2013 issue of ‘Gripped Climbing’ magazine, Canyoneering: A Guide to Techniques for Wet and Dry Canyons (How To Climb Series) by Dave Black and Pasadena Magazine as well as a Climbing Expert on MTV’s Parental Control (Season 7 – “Heather”).

Ilana has written 121 articles for Thrillseekers Anonymous.

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