2014 Holiday Gift Guide for the Adventurer


GIFT GUIDE 2014 - Your one stop wish list for every climber, cyclist, kayaker, and all around adventurer. [Read More...]

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Matterhorn North Face, Schmid Route


Climbing the North Face of the Matterhorn via the Schmid Route - Switzerland. [Read More...]

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Microbrews in the Backcounty


GEAR REVIEW - Pat's Backcountry Beverages fills my world with unicorns and rainbows, oh and beer. [Read More...]

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Mont Blanc via Les Trois Monts

Climbing Mont Blanc

Climbing Mont Blanc via the Famous Three Monts Route (Les Trois Monts) - Chamonix, France. [Read More...]

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Swiftwick Compression Socks

Swiftwick Compression Socks

GEAR REVIEW - A mountain enthusiasts view on investing in your piggy bank. [Read More...]

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Mio LINK Heart Rate Wristband


GEAR REVIEW - The Mio LINK finally allows you to say sayonara to that chafing heart rate chest strap. [Read More...]

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The Zugspitze


Scaling The Highest Peak in Germany - The Zugspitze. [Read More...]

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Gluten Free Daikon Carbonara with Chorizo


A spin on the classic spaghetti carbonara - a gluten free daikon carbonara with chorizo in a cauliflower based cream sauce. [Read More...]

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Gluten Free Daikon Pasta


Because zucchini noodles are so last year, put a spin on your spaghetti with daikon noodles. [Read More...]

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Gluten Free Zucchini Pasta


Substitute your spaghetti with these zucchini noodles in less than 10 minutes! A healthy alternative to spaghetti. [Read More...]

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